boy playing with dinosaur toy figures

If you have a dinosaur loving kid in your life, they are going to LOVE the Just Smarty Dinosaur Interactive Learning Poster!

My 5-year old is in love with dinosaurs. We spend many evenings watching the Jurassic World and the Jurassic Park movies, and many days going on “dinosaur hunts”. I’ve even had to play along with pretending that a T-Rex is chasing us in the car (I promise I stay within the speed limit.) When I saw a learning activity that was dinosaur themed, I thought it was something that my little one may enjoy.

I ordered the Interactive Learning Poster through Amazon Prime (big shout out to AP) and it arrived the very next day. This little tidbit of information is for the people like me who are procrastinators when it comes to gifts!

When it arrived, I opened it to check it out and set it up. In my experience, anything that is “interactive” needs batteries and a bit of setup before it is ready to be handed over to the kids. The poster material is a thin mat (but thicker than poster board) with an easy to clean surface. Batteries were included, and there was no setup involved.  I don’t know if I’ve had had a bad run with difficult toys lately or what, but I think I got a little too excited when I saw that the batteries were all set and the toy was ready to go! The package also included 4 toy dinosaurs! Talking from a parent perspective, the dinosaur figures were the perfect size. Does anyone have the tiny dinosaur figures at their house? Stepping on one of those is right up there with stepping on a Lego. These are a nice “medium” size. Substantial without taking up much space in your toy bin.

The poster itself has about 10 dinosaurs on it, and you can press each of them to hear the name of the dinosaur and the sound it makes. On top it has buttons you can push to play games, learn facts, and then listen to songs. The games ask you to identify the dinosaur through either the name and their sound or through their features (which you learn through the facts). The songs are all songs that most kids know, such as Old McDonald and If You’re Happy and You Know it.

My 5-year-old son was excited to see his dinosaur surprise and got to work playing with the dinosaur poster and his dinosaur figures right away. Now, the poster is meant to hang on the wall, but Drew really wanted to spread it out on the coffee table. He experimented with pressing the buttons to see what all the poster could do. Everything worked perfectly and was easy to use. He can’t read yet but was able to navigate his way around the buttons up top with ease. I didn’t have to help him with anything. My 7-year-old son doesn’t have an interest in dinosaurs, but even he jumped in and played a few games. I’m also going to repeat that the surface is easy to clean, which we experienced first hand when a little breakfast syrup dripped on the mat.

After he was done, I suggested we take it to his room to hang the dinosaur poster in his room, but he didn’t want it on the wall just yet. I had to sigh because one of the perks of this toy is that it goes on the wall and I’ll never have to pick it up. We kept it off the wall, and it ended up not being an issue. The poster is 16×24, so it is decent sized without being overwhelming or clunky to carry around. It rolls up over the voice box and stores nicely. He has been carrying it around with him all over the place so for now it is getting good use off the wall! The option to be able to use it both ways is great!

Here’s another perk I found that some of you may relate too. My child likes to pretend that he can identify ALL dinosaurs. If there’s one he doesn’t know the name of, he simply makes one up. For example, he calls Brachiosaurus a “Rareasaurus Giraffe.” Of course, the name is adorable and creative, but at some point, I would like him to know the real name. We try to teach him but he’s stubborn and set on the names with the has chosen for the dinosaurs. After playing with the poster for a few days, a true miracle happened, and he started using the correct names of a few of the dinosaurs. I guess when you have someone other than mom and dad teaching you names, you are more willing to accept them!

Overall, this dinosaur poster was a great find and I have zero complaints and many positives! It shipped fast, works perfectly, is easy to use AND has a great price. Can’t beat it! You can find the Interactive Dinosaur Poster HERE.

Review of the Just Smarty Dinosaur Interactive Poster