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Hey Pretty People!

Signature Cocktails are a great way to add a personal touch and a splash of prettiness to your wedding. Here at Jamie Reinhart Photography, we love when our couples have Signature Cocktails. We want to make sure that you have all the info you need in order to perfectly execute your drink at your wedding! I gathered together a team of wedding professionals to not only get you tips from all perspectives, but to also take on the tough task of mixing and tasting 4 cocktails for you. These Signature Cocktails are perfect for any occasion whether it be your bachelorette party, a girls night in, or your wedding reception. Be sure to check our Facebook Live Video below where we sat down with Orlando Wedding Calligrapher, Christine Kerby from Carousel Atelier and Orlando Wedding Planner, Carly Magnarella from A Rose Designs Event to get their unique perspectives on the Signature Cocktails. As an added bonus, we went to the experts at Cocktails Catering for a list of tips on perfecting your Signature Cocktail!

To get your hands on some of the tools we used, be sure to click on the link at the bottom of the blog!



 Signature Cocktails



Apple Cider Sangria

Apple Cider Sangria

One of the things that makes Sangria a perfect option for a Signature Cocktail is the ability to make it in large batches. It is also extremely versatile, with many options to change it up with the season or your taste preferences. With our Fall wedding season quickly approaching, we wanted something that would go with a Fall Themed wedding, so of course, a spiced Apple Cider felt like the perfect fit! We simply soaked sliced apples (think McDonald French Fries), cognac, apple cider, and cava. Bonus: You can serve this one hot or cold! Garnish a cinnamon and sugar rimmed glass with a slice of apple and you are ready to go! Feeling extra festive? Add cinnamon sticks to make it extra pretty! Be sure to check out our video below to see why Carly left out the pomegranate seeds as well as why it is so important to make sure your drink is in season! (Hint: This drink is not in season)

Of course this cocktail is not just for weddings; you can whip up a batch for a fall dinner party, a kid’s birthday party (because you know we always have cocktails there), or just store it in the fridge for you to sip on in the evenings. Need a stirrer for the pitchers of Sangria that will be in your near future? Check out the link at the end of the blog to find yours.


Champagne Cocktail

Blushing Bride

If you know me, you already know this is my favorite of the bunch. A splash of grenadine and a splash of peach schnapps added to a glass of champagne, garnished with something pretty is all it takes! I was worried that this drink was going to be too sweet (I’m a fan of tart) but I promise you, it was ridiculously delicious! A Champagne Cocktail is perfectly suited for an Intimate Wedding, a Brunch Wedding, or as a Signature Cocktail during your weddings cocktail hour. While it is easy to make, serving it all night long would take quite a few bottles of bubbly! Bonus: It is super easy to customize the color of your champagne drink to match your wedding!

Like the Sangria, this cocktail is not just for weddings. In fact, I am drinking one right now. Look at it. Soooo pretty!!! To score a set of your own Champagne Flutes, check out the link at the end of the blog!



Raspberry Mojito

Look. At. This. Drink.

I vote this drink the prettiest (and the strongest) of the bunch, but there is a catch; it takes a little work to be this beautiful! Though the ingredient list is short and sweet, using only mint, sugar, raspberries, white rum, and club soda, it’s the muddling that takes some time. Despite the effort that comes with using a Mojito as your Signature Cocktail, they are delicious and refreshing so it may be worth the work! Bonus: Everyone at your wedding will be walking around with the freshest breath ever!


Mojitos are also perfect for an Engagement Party, a Bridal Shower, or for any summer gathering. To make sure your mojito is muddled to perfection, check out the link at the end of the blog!


Pineapple Mule

This was the first time I tried a Mule, and I have to say, I am a fan. Not too strong, not too sweet, this was a perfect blend of awesomeness! Carly recommends you use New Amsterdam Pineapple Vodka in this guy. Add pineapple juice, ginger beer, a twist of lime and 2 mint leaves and you are good to go! Of course we added pineapple garnish to top it off, but you can go as fancy or simple as you like! Bonus: The cups are super cute! This drink was incredibly easy to put together, making it a great option for a Signature Cocktail!

This is a great drink to whip up anytime you have company. Not only is it easy to put together, but the ingredients are ones that can be put away for later use (unlike something like Champagne).





Signature Cocktails

Tips from Cocktail Catering:


Choose a drink that reflects you as a couple or even has a significant meaning. Maybe where you met or your favorite vacation spot can help you choose your drink. Also, play around with the name of your cocktails. Check what ingredients are in your cocktails, and use those flavors for your name. Pick a name that already works for you and is not a tongue twister. You can even ask your bartender for some ideas!

A great example of this was my Ritz Carlton Grand Lakes Wedding with Shawn and Sean. Their beloved dogs name is Jet and their wedding theme was “Travel”. They had a Signature Cocktail named Fuel which brought everything together full circle! If you’d like to see more from their beautiful wedding click here!

Keep It Simple

Make sure the drink can be prepared easily. You don’t want for your bartender to be spending a ton of time doing it and holding up a line. It can also be a drink that can be prepared in bulk batches prior to your event.

Search the Season

Signature cocktails should reflect the season. For summer weddings, they can choose a refreshing drink like a Moscow Mule. And for the winter/fall time a crisp Negroni or even a Cherry Thyme Champagne.

Choose a Color

The easiest way to pick a signature drink for your event is by using your wedding’s color palette. There are plenty of mixers available today, so it’s possible to create any type colored drink. Don’t be scared to experiment!

Cater to your Guests

Nowadays, people are moving back to more robust flavors like gin & whiskey, but don’t forget to find a balance in between what your guests will like and what you’ll like. A mix of flavors like sweet, salty, herbaceous and/or bitter will most likely work with your guests.

Finishing Touch

Get creative with your garnish. There are plenty of options that look and give a good taste. (ginger candy/orange peel, etc.)



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The recipe cards featured were handcrafted by Christine and if you haven’t checked out our blog featuring her amazing work then what are you waiting for?! Click here now!!

If you’re thinking about trying the Signature Cocktails make sure you have what you need! Below are some of the different products we used!


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