5 Secrets to a Happy First Year of Marriage

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5 Secrets to a Happy First Year of Marriage


Today on the blog we are talking about our 5 Secrets to a Happy First Year of Marriage. Settling into life is a newlywed isn’t as easy as you may think. We asked some of JRP’s followers what tips they had for our newlyweds to help keep and maintain the beautiful bond that is your marriage. Before we get to our secrets, we have a few fun facts about marriage to share with you! First up, how long do you think the longest recorded marriage was? If you guessed 91 years and 12 days, you are correct!  Second, most married couples are happiest in their third year of marriage. Let us know in the comments if this rings true for you and your spouse! Lastly, about 300 couples marry in Las Vegas every day! If you do the math that’s over 100,000 marriages a year!


Our 5 Secrets to a Happy Marriage!


1. Constant Laughter

A common misconception about marriage is that “nothing will change”, especially if you already live together.  Our first secret touches on this very idea, not every day
will be perfect. No matter what ups and downs present themselves to you in your first year of marriage (and then in each year after), being able to laugh together is a
huge key to success! After all, laughter is the best medicine!

2. Have Fun

Since we are already laughing, this one should be easy! Have Fun with your spouse. Whether it’s a nightly Jeopardy competition or putting on some music while you clean the
dishes together, turning your ordinary daily routines into little mini dates will keep the sparks flying!

3. Fight Fair

Many of our followers gave tips on how to survive (and end) arguments. Fights are bound to happen, they are normal and sometimes even necessary.
Our third secret is an important one, Fight Fair! There will be times where your emotions may get the best of you. Try to resist saying things that “hit below the belt.”
or aren’t fair to your spouse. Remember that though you’re upset your spouse is still a person you love deeply. Remember to admit when you may be in the wrong.
Ever have an argument that seems to start out of nowhere, and technically nobody is “wrong”? One of our followers gave us the tip that it is so important to take a breather
and put your ego aside and apologize when this type of argument happens! Our last tip on arguments is to try to resolve each fight before leaving the house, going to bed, etc.

4. Stay on Topic

Going along with our previous secret, it is soooo important to fight the urge to bring up past arguments or issues. Stay on topic and try your best
to resolve any disagreements the same day/night. Don’t let the fight linger or become on going subject.

5. Date even when Married

Life has a way of becoming busy and chaotic which can result in losing site of one another among the every day routines of life. Don’t
let life get in the way of your marriage. Date your spouse just like you did before saying I Do. Going on dates and remembering
why you love your spouse is an important key to keeping a happy marriage! If you are in the Orlando area, here are 100 Date Night ideas! 


We hope these secrets have been helpful to you! Comment below if you have any secrets for a happy
marriage, we’d love to hear them!


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