Orange Blossom Bride Collaboration

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Fresh Cut Bridal Fashions Take Over Celebration, Florida-Orange Blossom Bride Collaboration

The idea for Fresh Cut Bridal Fashions-a shoot that consisted of all Orange Blossom Bride vendors-was thought up by floral designer Sarah of Flower Girl Designs. To put it simply-Sarah wanted to work with pretty dresses. Along with Dina Engler of Casa di Bella, they put together a showcase of beautiful gowns along with floral designs that featured trends in both color and design. To photograph the looks, Sarah called together a group of OBB photographers, and we basically took over the picturesque town of Celebration, taking pictures of all things pretty! The model I worked with (who happened to be Sarah’s sister), was pretty much a real life Disney Princess-we sang and danced (well, she sang and dance) her way around the town of Celebration, making a few pit stops to showcase the gorgeous wreath that Sarah used instead of the traditional bouquet! The pictures below are just from my portion of the shoot, but stop by Orange Blossom Bride and check out the full post (not to mention, gorgeous pictures from a group of insanely talented photographers)  HERE!


Orange Blossom Bride

Flower Girl Designs

Casa Di Bella

Bella Con Stile

Bohemian Hotel Celebration

Video by Unashamed Imaging



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