Must Have Wedding Registry Items: Kitchen Edition

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Today we are talking about your wedding registry, which should be one of the less stressful wedding tasks you have to complete! Most couples I run into have been on their own for some time and are pretty much all set it when it comes to the basic home goods. While you may not need the necessities, we have a few items for you that you may want to consider adding to your wedding registry! Today we are focusing on the kitchen, and these items will have you and your soon to be husband or wife cooking up gourmet meals together in no time!

1. Air Fryer

First up we have an Air Fryer, which has become pretty popular this past year. The Air Fryer’s claim to fame is frying food without the grease, giving you a healthier option for crispy food. You can whip up home cooked meals like chicken Parmesan or simply reheat leftovers without the sogginess. There’s even a cake baking option on some (that I’m still trying to figure out), but I mean if cake’s an option, I’m in! Prices range from about $60-$200.

Air Fryer for must have wedding registry items!
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2. Instant Pot

Second is an Instant Pot, which is just as popular as the Air Fryer! An Instant Pot allows you to make slow cooked foods in half the time without losing any of the flavor. This means you can spend less time cooking and more time snuggling on the couch watching Netflix. It will also come in super handy when you have kids…wink, wink!

Instant Pot for must have wedding registry items!
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3. Roomba

Next up we have a Roomba. If you’ve never heard of a Roomba (though I’m sure you have) it’s a magical little robot that slides along your floor sweeping up any sand or crumbs. How amazing does that sound?! It’s the perfect kitchen assistant to clean up any messes you make while cooking! If I could go back in time and add one single item to my wedding registry, this would be it.

Tip: Don’t be scared to add big-ticket items to your registry. It’s not uncommon for a group of guests to go in together and purchase a group gift!

Roomba for must have wedding registry items!
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4. Echo Show

Next we have my personal favorite, the Echo Show. Echo Show is a hands-free speaker and monitor that allows us to talk to our favorite virtual assistant, Alexa. Gone are the days of having to manually turn on music or stop cooking to google how many tablespoons are in a cup (it’s 16 by the way.), you can just ask Alexa! We got one of these for Christmas and I’ve used it so many times that I’m not quite sure how I functioned without it. One random thing I love is that when I listen to music it shows the words…so now I actually know what words to songs are instead of just making them up.

Echo Show for wedding registry list.

5. Kitchen Aid Mixer

Next up we have a Kitchen Aid mixer. Kitchen Aid Mixers have been a standard kitchen requirement for many years. In 2019 that’s no different. There really isn’t anything like a Kitchen Aid Mixer, and if you don’t already have one it’s a must for your registry (make sure to add the pasta accessory for homemade dinners-makes the perfect date night for newlyweds! Plus, they come in so many fun colors now, perfect for if you are decking out your house in this year’s Color of the Year!

Kitchen Aid Mixer for must have wedding registry items!
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6. Wine Bottle Opener

Next we have, Wine Bottle Opener! Now, it’s likely that you already have a wine opening tool. BUT-is it rose gold and in the shape of an elephant? Probably not. There is no better time to add cute little gadgets to your wish-list than right now. You know, when people are actually looking to buy you something! It’s offered in 3 colors (but rose gold is the best) and you can also have it personalized!

Wine Bottle Opener for must have wedding registry items!
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7. Stainless Steel Canisters

Next we have Stainless Steel Canisters in Rose Gold. 2019 is the year to get organized all Marie Kondo style, and these canisters are perfect because I don’t know about you, but they sure are giving me joy! With their durable seal you don’t have to worry about losing the freshness of anything you choose to put in them like coffee or tea, and they will look super cute in all of your Instagram posts. They’re also easy to clean which is a great bonus!

Stainless steel canisters for must have wedding registry items.
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8. Recipe Box

Recipe Boxes are a great item to add to any wedding registry! Family recipes or even new recipes that you love are important and should have a beautiful little home to be stored in! You can earn some bonus points from your mother in law or grandma by asking for a special family recipe to be the first to add to your collection. This Magnolia Metal Recipe Box by Hearth & Hand is perfect and sleek!

Recipe Box for must have wedding registry items!
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9. Mr. & Mrs. Coffee Mugs

These super cute marbled Mr. & Mrs. coffee mugs are the perfect way to upgrade your “Does This Ring Make Me Look Engaged” mug that you are currently sporting so you can assert your new title as Mr. and Mrs.

Mr. & Mrs. Coffee Mugs for must have wedding registry items!
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10. Personalized Serving Tray

Last but certainly not least we have a Personalized Serving Tray! Don’t be afraid to search Etsy for some fun finds. This Personalized Serving Tray is perfect for your wedding registry. Aside from being a useful serving tray for your parties or game nights, I find that receiving breakfast in bed is more likely when there is actually something to set the breakfast on. Plus it’s always fun to have items with your new name as a married couple!

Personalized Serving Trey for must have wedding registry items!
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Always remember that the little experiences that come with planning a wedding, like creating your wedding registry, should be fun for both the bride and groom to be. It’s easy to stress and even bicker about what to add to the list, but in the end the items should be things that the two of you will enjoy together (trust me, everyone will benefit from the Kitchen Aid). Now head over to Amazon and get started on your wish list! Stay tuned for more registry inspiration!

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