Kindergarten Math Flash Cards

Kindergarten Math

This week I have been planning kindergarten math activities. If you are anything like me, you just may have a tendency to inadvertently make things a bit more complicated than they need to be. Over the past few weeks this has especially been true when it comes to planning engaging and fun homeschooling lessons for my kids.

Though I do tend to get ambitious with lesson planning, I do happen to have one secret weapon that allows me keep it simple: A solid set of 0-100 Math Flash Cards that includes a set with their standard form numbers and then a set that includes the written form of each number. I created a set for my child who is in kindergarten, but they work great for all elementary grade levels! I created my set on Canva, but you can use any program you wish, or pick up my printable set for $2 HERE.

When it comes to Math Standards for Pre-K and Kindergarten, these flash cards are where it’s at! We use them on a regular basis for kindergarten math and are always coming up with new math activities and math games that use the cards! Here are a few of our favorites:

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Number Matching “Memory” Kindergarten Math Games

This game is played the same way you would play memory. Spread out the cards and take turns flipping them over until you find numbers and their matching written name.

I like to pull out numbers in small chunks to keep the game fresh. For now we are focusing on numbers 0-20 and then will swap them out for 20-40, etc. For an epic marathon game that will test your little one’s math and memory skills, put out all of the numbers at once!

“Count Up From Here”

Kindergarten students are learning how to count fluently. This means that they should be learning to count from any number. Have your child pull from the pile of number (or word) cards. The number they pick is where they need to start counting from. For example, if they pull the number 17, they will start with 17 and then count up as far as they can. I usually have them count up around 20 more than the number they pulled.

Of course, you can also play “Count Down From Here” using the same concept, this time having your child count backwards.

*If your child is a new learner, please feel free to modify your pile. If they are learning to count to 20, then only use cards 0-20. Add more cards as they gain confidence with their counting skills.

Numbers on a Number Line

Elementary children are also learning what a number line is, and should learn how to plot numbers on a number line. Have them (or help them) to create a long number line. Pull random numbers from your pile of cards and plot each number on the line.

If this is a new concept for your child, consider starting with a number line that goes from 0-10. Add on as they gain confidence with creating number lines and counting!

To add to this activity, once they have created a number line, show them how to use it to add and subtract!

Sight Word Practice and Number Recognition

Mix your pile of number words up and use them for site word practice! You can also use the number cards alone to help your child practice number recognition. For Kindergarten math they should be able to know how to correctly say each number, which takes practice!

Counting Objects

Pull out that huge bin of Lego and get counting! Use the math flash cards and have your learner pick a card. The number they pick is how many bricks (blocks, skittles, etc.) they need to count!

Take the lesson to the next level by having them sort by color or shape. Use the data to make a graph!

Writing Practice

Laminate the cards and use dry erase market to write the word on the back. Use the word cards and write the number on the back.

Create Elementary Math Problems

Pull a card from the pile and have your child write down a math problem that equals the chosen number! For example, if the card 22 is pulled, 20+2 would be an answer. See how many different math problems they can come up with that equal their number. Use math manipulatives to help them count.

This activity is perfect for your higher-level learners! Turn it to a writing activity where they need to create a word problem where the answer is the number they picked from their math flash card!

Use the Math Flash Cards for Exercise!

Pull a card from the deck! That’s how many jumping jacks you need to do! You could run in place, do push-ups for that many seconds…the sky is the limit!


Pull a card and make a line that is that many inches/cm. You could also have them make a quadrilateral shape where the perimeter equals the number pulled. I know, this may sound like it’s getting a bit too complex, but you never know what your little one is capable of!

“This Year in History”

This is such a fun, simple way to learn just a little bit of history. Pick a card from the deck and ask your Alexa or Google Device “What happened xyz years ago”. You may be surprised at what you learn! Be sure to have your child read the number as they pick it for the extra practice!

Counting Money

Pull out a card and have your child use coins to count the amount in change. You could also pick up a fake money set and let them count out dollar bills! This is such a fun way for them to learn to count money!

Create a Tally Chart

Tally Charts are so much fun for kids and can be practiced in many different ways (points for a game, etc.) You can also use your math flash cards to create Tally Charts!

There are so many different ways you can use these basic number flash cards. If you need a copy of the cards, you can head to my page on Teachers Pay Teachers and download for only $2! You can also pick up a free reading log template!

We would love to hear your ideas on how to use flash cards! Let us know in the comments below!

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