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Jamie Reinhart Photography

It’s Time for a Change at Jamie Reinhart Photography!


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Jamie Reinhart Photography is something I started from scratch almost 5 and a half years ago, when I was pregnant with my first child. I had a new camera
and a will to stay home with my kids-and that was all I needed to start my own business. The past 5 years have been a roller coaster full of amazing highs,
deflating lows, and everything in between. I want to share with you a few important lessons that I have learned along the way-and they just so happen to be
lessons that have EVERYTHING to do with the new changes taking place at JRP.

Lesson #1: Your “Why” better be specific.

Have you ever been in a room, or in a Facebook group where someone says “What is your Why”? If you scroll the comments you are bound to see multiple people
post “My Family is my why”. But what does that even mean? My family is why I work 70 hour weeks at a job that doesn’t guarantee a paycheck no matter how hard
I work. Let’s add in that I now consistently rock the top knot/pajama look and my idea of a gourmet meal is now Velveeta Shells & Cheese instead of Easy Mac.
Yep family, that’s alllll for you.  You. Are. Welcome.

My “Why”

So keeping with lesson #1 I’d like to share mine with you!  My “Why” is-you guessed it… My family. But here is what I mean by being specific: I have a business so
I can have flexibility in my schedule to go to all of my kids’ school activities. So I can stay in bed and snuggle with them when they are sick, and so I can drive them
to their sports practices. I have the flexibility to block off time for vacation or a weekend off if I need and to control the amount of events and sessions booked. I can
even pack in a few extra sessions for some extra Christmas cash if I want. I can take the summer off so I can spend that time with my kids. That is my why.

Life’s Seasons

With that said, as the kids grow and as seasons of our life changes, so does my Why. We are nearing one of those seasons where a big change is coming as my oldest
little man is getting ready to start Kindergarten next school year. Up until now, I had so much time to spend with the boys during the week, that our weekend weddings
were a nice little break from normal routine. Now that we are heading into “School Age” territory, our weekend time is going to be a little more precious.

Lesson #2: Outsourcing is Life!

The day I allowed myself to outsource is the day I allowed my business to grow in ways I never imagined. And get this-you don’t have to outsource your business tasks!
The very first thing I outsourced was my grocery shopping! Close behind it came hiring a cleaning company to come in once a month. Eventually I managed to let go of
my control freak ways a little bit and hired a Virtual Assistant for a short period of time. She was amazing and I loved working with her, but I quickly learned that the
tasks I was having her do were the tasks that I actually really loved to do.

Lesson #3: YOU make your own rules.

I’m going to keep this one short and sweet, but the moral of the story is that you own your own business, you play by your rules. Do not let others dictate the way
that things “Should” be. It’s cool to listen to opinions and advice, but at the end of the day you are the one who is in charge! With that said, let’s go into what all of
this means for JRP!



I love my job-photographing weddings is an incredible thing to do for a living and I love my couples to death…but I also love the business side of things. One of my
favorite things to do for my business is creating my Blog and Social Media content calendars each month. The only problem is that I never have time to fully implement
anything because I’m too busy editing and shooting weddings, and my clients will always come before blogging and social media. I know this is true for so many businesses
we all have these amazing, creative ideas that we want to put into place, but the time just isn’t there. On the flip side of things, there are also businesses who know how
important all of this “stuff” is, but would rather just focus on their craft. This is where my big changes come into play and everything I talked about above starts making sense!
Here is a little bit of what is happening at JRP.

There are now two of us!

Throughout almost the entirety of this journey of building a business, I’ve always had my nanny, Becca, to vent to when there was something I just needed to get out of my
system. The venting turned to bouncing ideas off of her, and from there we starting having full on brainstorming sessions. Eventually she joined the team as an office assistant
but I quickly threw her into more and more roles. As for two weeks ago she officially became a partner and is always busy working on things behind the scenes. You will learn
more about her in the weeks to come!

We are now offering a full menu of Virtual Assistant Services.

All of the blogging, the posting, the email list and newsletters… It’s a part of my business that I didn’t expect to fall in love with-but isn’t that how all great love stories start?!
Becca and I have decided to team up to offer Virtual Assistant services to our fellow creative entrepreneurs. We offer a variety of services, but will be focusing on content
creation and implementation for Social Media and blogs as well as taking care of the email/newsletter. Our approach is to learn about you and your brand as well as we
possibly can so that we are able to take a completely personalized approach to being a VA/Social Media Manager. While we offer a variety of services, our featured collections
can be viewed HERE. We have appropriately named this branch of our business “Champagne Campaign Brand Ambassadors”, and are excited to feature businesses we love
and to share tons of tips with everyone!

Our Instagram will change.

Most of you know that we started a separate Instagram page for Champagne Campaign, but we are going to nix that idea and combine both pages over at the JRP Instagram
(same for Facebook). We will still feature our sweet couples and wedding vendors we love, but will be adding in social media tips, products we love, and will feature businesses
outside of the wedding industry.

More Blogs!

We like to blog and have a ton of things we want to blog about, but have put them on the back burner because the topics didn’t quite fit in the “Wedding” category. In my head
and from what others said-I had to stick to one general theme. While this may be best practice, it’s not mandatory, and I’m ready to break my own mold!  We have a ton of blogs
planned for the upcoming months, and the subject matter ranges from featured weddings to social media tips, all the way to our favorite summer outfits and champagne
cocktail recipes! We also have free downloads, giveaways, and contests in store for everyone as well! Be prepared for variety. Awesome, random variety.

Less Weddings.

This last change isn’t really a biggie, as I already limit the amount of weddings I take per month. It just means that if you are set on becoming a JRP Couple,
just make sure you are getting your inquiries in early! Click HERE to see JRP’s Orlando Wedding Gallery!


We are soooo excited for everything we have in store for everyone!! Be sure to join the mailing list to stay up to date on all things JRP/Champagne Campaign!
If you are a business owner and want to talk more about our Virtual Assistant services please contact us at
If you are a couple interested in Wedding Photography, fill our our Contact Form HERE! 


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