How Should a Groom Prepare For His Wedding Day?

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We always see tons of information when it comes to bridal prep, but how should a groom prepare for his wedding day? Today we are going to go over our favorite tips to help make sure that our grooms make the most of their wedding day!

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Groom Tips:

  1. The Wedding Party: When it comes to picking your wedding party, be sure to choose the guys (or girls) who you sincerely feel should stand beside you on your big day. Even if your bride or groom to be has a large squad for their side of the alter, don’t feel pressured to match numbers. (check out my blog post to read more on picking a wedding party).
  2. Do a Groomsmen Proposal: If you are forcing to have your guys stand in a nice suit all day, while having pictures taken of them (perhaps by me…), it would be a fun gesture to do a groomsmen proposal. Groovy Groomsmen Gifts has a mug that I love. You can have the bottom of the mug personalized, which gives you the perfect opportunity to serve your wedding party hopefuls a cold beer, and when they finish it they will see the message at the bottom, which of course will be “Will you be my groomsman”, or whatever phrase you would like to appear at the bottom. You can find the mug HERE.
  3. Define Your Style: Here is where we start getting into it. So many times we see a bride style that is perfectly put together. From makeup to accessories, and of course the dress, everything is carefully thought out and styled. The groom should be no different. Try to brainstorm and do a little google search to find inspiration for a look that really speaks to your personality. Here is a link from none other than Martha Stewart Weddings to give you some outside of the box looks that are perfect for a groom: Groom Style Ideas.
  4. Don’t Forget the Details: Brides aren’t the only ones who can go all out with their wedding day details and accessories! Aim to find the perfect shoes, socks, bow tie, cufflinks, watch, cologne, (I could go on and on) to compliment your wedding day look. Get creative!
  5. Consider a Custom Tailored Suit: I’m going to get all “fancy” on you here, but I highly recommend a custom tailored suit, or at the very least making sure that the suit you are wearing fits perfectly. In terms of photographs, having an ill-fitted suit can really take away from the look of your wedding pictures. Here is an article I found that talks more about this subject: Custom Tailored Suits for Grooms. Jessica from @whipupwhatever on Instagram added that you can have the tailor add the wedding date or initials to the inside!
  6. Grooming for Grooms: A beauty routine isn’t just for the brides. Grooms need to think about their regime leading up to the wedding as well. This article from Bridal Musings nails it when it comes to Grooming for Grooms! It talks about skincare, when you should get your last cut before the big day, and a few skincare tips that will help you look fresh just in case you hit the bar the night before your wedding. PS- Sunny Acres Lodge sent me a little pro tip: Don’t drink too much the night before the wedding. Seriously, you don’t want to feel and potentially look…or smell rough on your wedding day. Jennifer Goodlet Photography also suggested a professional shave on to get you looking picture perfect on your wedding day!
  7. Help your Partner with Wedding Planning Tasks: Ok, so this one is a bonus tip just from personal experience, but I want to set my grooms up for success, so I have a little tip to earn you some brownie points (don’t confuse brownie points with eating brownies…you have a custom suit you need to fit into). Tasks like the guest list, seating chart, favors, picking the song list, and addressing invitations are some of the tasks that aren’t so glamorous. I’m not suggesting that you need to do these tasks on your own, but acting like you are enthused to help and then actually being helpful will blow her mind!
  8. Hire Jamie Reinhart Photography to do your Wedding Photography: Shameless plug? Maybe, but if you made it this far in the article I know your wedding day look is going to be on point, so of course I want to photograph you! You can contact me HERE to talk more about your wedding day photography and all of the services and collection options we have to offer!
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