The Perfect Groomsman Gift

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We know that finding the perfect groomsman gift isn’t always the easiest task as far as wedding planning goes. Along with finding your dream venue and your perfect dress, you also need to be sure you are giving proper thanks to the people in your wedding party who are spending time (and likely a lot of money) to help you celebrate your big day. If you are one of the many couples searching high and low for gift ideas, we may be able to help!

Groovy Guy Gifts is a site that is dedicated to….well-ya know- Guy Gifts. They recently sent me one of their Magician Mugs to check out, and I have to say-I’m a fan. First off-it’s stylish. This is important-call me picky but if this mug is going to make its way to the reception tables, it needs to look good while its there. As you can see from the pictures below, it fit in perfectly with my gold and purple (also known as Pantone’s 2018 Color of the Year) Holiday Tablescape! It’s also personalized on both the outside and inside! This is my favorite part! I love that it has a simple and sleek initial on the front of the mug, and then on the inside is where the fun happens! It’s the perfect place to put a little personal touch on each gift. I also like that it is high quality without being too heavy, and it has a handle! My husband has a mug from our wedding, and it is huge, heavy (and no handle) and really just not too comfortable to carry around for the evening. On top of everything else, their customer service was amazing!

Groovy Guy Gifts has more than just mugs-check out their site to see a full online catalog of all of the groomsman gift ideas they have listed! You may also want to check out their site if you have some last minute Christmas Shopping to do!

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