First Look Advantages

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First Look Advantages

First Look Advantages

First Looks, do you believe in them?

The old wives tale states that seeing the Groom

before the big moment is bad luck for the soon to be wed couple.

Here at Jamie Reinhart Photography, we love them! There are plenty of

advantages with doing a First Look. Below is a few of them that  I put together for you!


Advantage 1 – More Time

       When you don’t have a First Look a majority of your portraits have to be

squeezed in after the ceremony and before the reception. Typically that window

of time is about an hour and often covers family, wedding party and of course

the Bride and Groom. A First Look gives you and your photographer more

time during your wedding day to get those portraits taken care of. All without

being rushed or worried about your waiting wedding guests!

First Look at Horse Power Ranch Orlando Florida


Advantage 2 – Special Moment

Though exciting and fun your wedding day can also be hectic with the days

activities. A First Look gives you the chance to slow down and share a special

moment together. A special moment that opens up other options like perhaps

praying together or exchanging notes that you’ve written for each other.

The possibilities are endless and make for great pictures!

First Look at Noahs Event Center Orlando Florida


Advantage 3 – Nerves

       Sometimes the big reveal can be a little nerve wracking, in the best way

of course! A First Look can help ease those nerves and take some of the

pressure off when walking down the aisle. Making it easier to focus on

what’s most important, your new Groom!

First Look at Orange County Regional History Center


Advantage 4 – Bonus First Look Idea

       A unique twist to the First Look option is having an additional one with

your dad!  Dad’s are often the first men we learn to love. Your wedding

day is just as big and emotional for them as it is for you. Giving away their

 not so little girl, is hard and having a moment together away from everyone

else is so sweet and special.

First Look with Dad Winter Park Florida


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