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The decision to homeschool our kids didn’t come lightly, and I especially struggled when it came to finding the perfect homeschool curriculum. As a former teacher, I respect the traditional style of teaching and learning. From a parent’s perspective, I desperately want for them to be able to learn in a fun, meaningful and interactive way. Everything I was finding seemed just a tad too rigid for my personal taste. Luckily, I’ve stumbled on quite a few homeschool Curriculum resources over the past few months that have made the homeschooling journey enjoyable for both the boys AND myself!  

Before we get into my absolute favorite homeschool Curriculum resources, I want to briefly tell you just as little bit about my teaching “style”. If you want to skip this part, scroll straight down to the list! I do think that this will help you figure out if some of the resources below are the right fit for your homeschool adventures!

I guess to best describe it, my homeschool teaching style is a jumbled up mix of every teaching style available. We do a mix of traditional learning, virtual learning, hands-on experiences, discovery learning and even just a touch of “unschooling”. I don’t think I can fully commit to any one style, and so far I would say that the kids are doing extremely well with our setup!

The method to my madness wouldn’t be possible without all of the amazing homeschool curriculum and homeschool resources that are available to us. Listed below are some of my absolute favorites! The list you are going to find below may not be what you expect, but I promise it is a solid list of resources that your child will love! If you can’t quite see yourself using the listed items as your full-on curriculum, you will find that a few of these resources are perfect to supplement your current homeschool curriculum. You can also use any of the resources below as enrichment activities for your child!

Momming With Mimosas Guide to Homeschool Curriculum

Reading, Writing and Math Homeschool Curriculum Resources

Lexia Learning

Lexia Learning might just be my favorite homeschool resource. I have visions of a very hands-on homeschool curriculum, but with Reading I felt like I needed a little bit of structure, and didn’t want to just “wing it”. 

 Lexia Learning is an Online Reading Program that teaches your child to read in a fun and interactive way. It is also a program that grows with your child’s level. If your learner is a reading pro, they will advance quickly through the levels. If your learner needs a little extra practice and guided instruction on a topic, they provide this as well. 

One thing I love about this program is that it does the teaching for you. This gives me a little time to put away a load of laundry or just take a break.  Both boys love it, and never give me a hard time to complete their reading work! 

*Note: We are using Symphony Math as well, but are too new into the program to be able to give enough info! 


IXL is an incredible Reading and Math resource for a homeschooling mom like myself. The program isolates each individual skill your child should know, and provides them with practice. After they answer so many questions correctly and make it through the “Challenge Zone”, IXL will mark the skill as “mastered”. 

My favorite way to use IXL is to go in and pick a few skills that are a part of my child’s grade level. I’ll create lessons that teach that skill throughout the week, and then send them to IXL to complete the skill quiz. It’s a great teaching tool for me, and is designed in a way that makes it seem like a game for them. Win/Win! 

You can purchase Math and Reading only for IXL, or you can add a bundle that includes Science, Social Studies and Spanish. 


I was introduced to Readeo not too long ago, but it made a fast impression on my kids! Readeo is a site that has a collection of online books that the kids can read. The cool part is that they have a video chat feature that allows them to virtually read a book with someone! My kids like to read with their Nana. 

If you are wondering if this homeschool resource is the right fit for you, you are in luck! There is a free trial for you to check out! 

Magazine Subscriptions

We signed the kids up for a few magazine subscriptions, and have not been disappointed! Of course Children’s Magazines are a great way to teach Reading skills, but that is just the tip of the teaching iceberg.

In our homeschool classroom, we use the magazines to ignite sparks of interest. We read articles, ask questions, and then try to incorporate real-life or hands-on experiences to really dig deep into the topics. 

For example, in just one issue of our Highlights Magazine, we decided to make kites, sent letters, and made “Apple Nachos” as a healthy snack to take on a hike! We do the same thing with our Time Kids and National Geographic Kids Subscriptions. I think the key to making the most out of your subscriptions is to always be thinking of ways to take it further!

We also love the online features from National Geographic Kids. My boys (ages 5 and 7) spend a lot of time checking out the videos! 

Highlights Magazine
Time For Kids
National Geographic Kids

Educational Subscription Boxes

It’s safe to say I’m full-on obsessed with Subscription Boxes. At this point I don’t care if the box is for me, the kids or even my husband. They are just plain fun to receive. As far as educational subscription boxes are concerned, they are one of the homeschool resources the boys look forward to the most! Here is what we are currently receiving….but hey, I’m always open to adding more to the collection!

Little Passports

Little Passports has been an awesome way to get the kids excited about exploring the world. They currently have a very large travel bucket-list! The first box came with a map of the world, and they enjoy finding new locations on the map. We have even tried our hand at making different foods from the places we have “visited”! 


I honestly purchased Bitsbox on a whim because my 7 year old is a little “techy”. I got super nervous when I opened the first box because it was legit coding. Definitely thought it was going to be too hard for him. The website is awesome and takes him through every step of the process. He is able to do it with no problem, and loves trying to figure out ways he can change the code to add new things! This isn’t exactly a box that I “take further” just yet because I”m honestly just impressed that he can code. I highly, highly recommend!

My 5 year old likes to do it too, but by that I mean he likes to watch while I do it for him. We’ll get there. It has definitely been great for improving his typing skills! 

We Craft Box

We Craft Art subscription box is hit with the kids (and with mom). Each art box has a theme, along with quite a few crafts to create. This subscription box is filled to the brim with materials, and everything you need is included! Our last art box was Dinosaur themed, and the kids made dinosaur masks, dino-hands, clay dinosaur figures, completed coloring sheets and made salt-dough fossils. The fossils led us to learn more about what fossils are. We have a few more projects lined up to learn even more! 


If you need to grow your kids’ home library, this is the children’s subscription box for you! Literati sends a collection of books to your house each month. You check out the books, keep the ones you want and return the rest. It’s a simple process and a great way to discover new books for your kids! 

Local Resources

Each city and state is filled to the brim with homeschooling resources. I bet with just a quick walk from your house to a local park can provide you with enough material for a few amazing school lessons! 

In Florida (and more specifically, Orlando) we are lucky to have tons of incredible homeschool resources right at our fingertips. Now, I know that not everyone has SeaWorld and Disney right at their fingertips, but check out local museums and parks to get you started! 

Be sure to explore your city and state’s natural features. Do you have lakes and streams nearby? Maybe you live near Mountains? Are you in the desert area? No matter where you live, be sure to explore your location’s unique terrain! 

Additional Homeschool Curriculum Resources We Love

Over the past few weeks I’ve quickly discovered a ton of homeschool resources that we rely on to make our learning fun. In addition to the above, here are a few other places we love to visit for lessons!


I am quick to accept that I can’t teach it all. We have used Outschool for writing lessons and music lessons. The kids love it and actually ask for more. This website has tons of lessons, from learning the piano to coding. You name it, they probably have it! We use this probably on a weekly basis, just to give them something different to look forward to! I hate to admit it, but I think they enjoy learning from someone other than me every now and then as well!


Netflix is full of educational shows that can serve as great homeschooling resources. One of our geography lessons was actually sparked from watching an episode of Down to Earth! The Who Was? Show is awesome for kids. We usually just search a topic to see if anything comes up!


We all know that everything and anything can be found on YouTube. In the almost-two months we’ve been homeschooling we have watched videos on Native American Indians, Biomes, Weathering and Erosion, Egyptian Mummies, Moon Phases…and plenty of other topics that I’m sure I can’t remember.

Dedicated Facebook Groups

There are more than enough Facebook Groups dedicated to Homeschooling Families. So many that it may become overwhelming. They are usually super helpful if you have a question. I was fine with curriculum and resources, but really had no idea how to start the process of homeschooling in an official way! Our local Facebook Group was so helpful and got me off to a great start. I am now a member of a handful of groups, and while I do not typically participate, I definitely lurk. I skim through the info provided and if something sparks my interest, I check it out! It’s not something I rely on, but something that I like to know is there if I ever need it.

Little Bins for Little Hands

I found this gem on good old Pinterest! We were looking for Ocean Themed activities and hit the motherload with this site. The Science and Stem-based website is full of free activities and info. I did end up buying an Ocean Packet for $7. For all of the activities packed inside the packet, it was quite the steal! 

Definitely subscribe to their newsletter. They regularly send quick and easy activities that you can use to fill in any extra time you have!

Amazon Prime

Sometimes you just need your supplies delivered to your doorstep quickly. When we come up with a great idea for a lesson, Amazon Prime is always there to ensure your materials get to you in a timely manner! 

I hope that over the next few months I can add additional homeschool resources to this list! In the meantime, if you have any recommendations please be sure to add them in the comments below! We all need all the tried and true resources we can get!

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