Do We Need Engagement Pictures?

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Do we need engagement pictures

Do We Need Engagement Pictures?

Once the initial excitement of being a newly engaged couple starts to settle, it’s likely that the excitement shifts and you are now in complete wedding planning mode! After finding your dream wedding venue and setting your date, it is time to start thinking about your engagement pictures! Now that our phones have cameras that are more than capable of snapping a cute picture, couples are starting to wonder if an engagement session is even necessary, especially if the main reason you are doing the session is for one picture to use on a Save the Date. Before you opt to skip out on your pre-wedding pictures, I think I have a pretty solid argument as to why you should have engagement photos taken (and what to do with them afterwards). To get more information on scheduling an Engagement Session with Jamie Reinhart Photography, email us at or fill our our contact page HERE!

Rollins College Engagement Pictures-do we need engagement pictures

Top 3 Reasons to Take Engagement Pictures

It helps to establish a tighter relationship between you and your Wedding Photographer

It is safe to say that most photographers agree when we tell you that feeling comfortable with your photographer is one of the most important factors when choosing your wedding photographer. Having your engagement pictures taken by your wedding photographer gives you a chance to see them in action before the wedding day.  This is a great time for couples to get used to their photographer’s style, how they pose, and to get to know them a little better. It is also a chance for the photographer to get a feel for what poses are the most natural for the two of you, what makes you laugh, and what angles are the most flattering. This way, everyone shows up on the wedding day feeling comfortable with each other and knowing what to expect!

You have the change to give feedback to your photographer

Now, before I start I must clarify. You need to research your photographer before you book with them. Look at any and every picture you can get your hand on and ask yourself-do you like their overall style, do you like how they pose their couples, do you like how they edit. You should be looking at pictures taken during the day, at night, inside, outside, upside down…ok-maybe not upside down but the point is, do your homework. With all of that said, there may still be situations here and there where you may have a bit of feedback you would like to give to your photographer. For instance-I personally do not take a lot of traditional “look at the camera and smile” pictures. You can clearly see this in my portfolio. However, that does not mean that I do not take them. Every now and then I will have a couple that will tell me that they love the more candid pictures for sure, but would love just a few more traditional pictures thrown into the mix at the wedding. This is an easy note for me to make. Another note I’ve received is something along the lines of “I love this picture of the two of us, I would love to have a similar pose at the wedding’.

You have professional pictures to document this exciting milestone-that do not include a wedding dress and tuxedo

As much as you will love having portraits all over of you and your fiance in your wedding attire, it will also be nice to have a few additional options to hang around the house or to be able to share on your social media! I mean-really. You need a little variety for your #TBT posts! On top of that, it is just a nice way to document a very special time of your life. You are only a “fiance” for a short period-make it special-do the pictures! This post from BRIDES has great tips for picking your engagement session outfits: What to Wear for Engagement Photos.

Engagement Picture in a field

What do I do with the pictures?

Once your engagement pictures are complete, it’s important to my photographer heart that you put them to good use. Here are few ways you can use your engagement photos! If you have a great idea, share it in the comments!

  1. Use for Save the Dates and even Christmas Cards!
  2. Have an album made using your engagement pictures-and use it as a guest book for your wedding!
  3. Wedding Website
  4. Print your favorite picture on a large canvas (which couples have also used as a guest book)
  5. Frame a few pictures to use as wedding decor-display them in your home after the wedding!
  6. Make a wedding scrapbook!
  7. Make your own personal Pinterest Board!

To see more engagement pictures from Jamie Reinhart Photography, visit our ENGAGEMENT section!

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