Becca’s September Favorites

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Becca's Monthly Favorites


Happy September friends!

Writing Becca’s September Favorites was a breeze this month.
Speaking of a breeze, anyone else eagerly waiting for fall?
So settle in and check out my personal favorites from
Jamie’s galleries! There’s no better way to beat the heat.


Pretty In Pink!

While clicking through Jamie’s Facebook I came across
this beautiful boutonniere. The color pink definitely makes
it pop and the bottle cap adds the perfect flare. Little fun fact,
the inside of the bottle cap is inscribed with IPO which means
lover in Hawaiian! Which just so happens to be the bride &
grooms nicknames to one another!

Becca's September Favorites


Song of Solomon 3:4

Whenever I see this scripture I get a warm fuzzy feeling
all over. I love super sweet and mushy things, I can’t help
it. So when I seen this beautiful wooden sign, with this
beautiful scripture on it I couldn’t resist adding it to
my favorites list!

Becca's September Favorites



Wedding days are joyous and full of action between
getting ready and all the details of your big day coming
together. That’s why this photo jumped out to me when I
was searching. Jamie has such an incredible niche for
capturing such genuine moments with her brides!

Becca's September Favorites


Cake Cake Cake

So many things to love in this photo! I adore the
Mr & Mrs cake stand. I love how all the tiers of the
cake are different yet completely go together! I also
love the few added flowers that tie the cake in with
her flower bouquet. This picture was by far my easiest

Becca's September Favorites


Lavender Favorite

If you read my Becca’s August Favorites from last
month then you already know how much I love any
variation of the color purple! This bride and her
lavender bouquet are goals. I love that the bouquet
is in focus yet you can still see the beautiful details
of the bride’s dress and the softness from her veil.

Becca's September Favorites



Jet Fuel

There’s three requirements for a great cocktail!
Taste good, look good and have a great name.
Shawn & Sean hit all three requirements with their
travel themed cocktails! Though I wasn’t there to
taste them, I’m sure they were fantastic. That’s why
they earned the final spot on my list of favorites
this month!


Becca's September Favorites

Thanks so much for stopping by!
Until next month!
xoxo Becca

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