How to Create Beautiful Holiday Table Settings

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Creating Beautiful Holiday Table Settings

With the the Holidays and Engagement Season heading our way we thought it would be great to learn a few tricks on how to put together beautiful yet easy holiday table settings. If you know me at all, you know that putting together holiday table settings is not my specialty, but luckily I know a few people who can help me out! I reached out to a few of my favorite wedding vendors for some help, and after a bit of planning we all met up at  Art & History Museums Maitland to put together a festive yet practical table setting-where the girls also shared their favorite tips  on how to make gorgeous and personal Holiday Table Settings! You can find the video at the end of the blog post-be sure to watch until the end, there are tons of useful pieces of info on putting together a tablescape for any occasion!

Thanksgiving Table Setting


Pick a Theme and Venue

Rachael from Dandy Details Events suggests that a great place to start is by picking a general theme and venue. Being that Rachael’s specialty is wedding/event planning and design, she was able to put together a vision for a Thanksgiving Harvest table setting, based on bold colors and a touch of an Aztec feel-which centered around the theme of our venue. She also mentions that the option of renting a venue space is not a bad idea-many times our homes become cramped with our large families, and the stress of keeping your entire home clean while entertaining can take away from the time you should be spending with your friends and family.

Featured Venue: Maitland Art & History Center

Planning and Design provided by: Dandy Details Events

Seating Arrangement

Once you have a venue and theme ready to go, it’s time to consider the seating arrangement. Do you have enough tables and chairs to accommodate your guest list? If you find that you are short on seats or table space, check out Orlando Wedding & Party Rentals-they provided us with their farmhouse table along with the chairs and marble chargers for our sample table and have them available for you to rent!

For our table display, Rachael used items that would give the table a cozy feel-she used a fall colored blanket (which is becoming a trend in both holiday and wedding decor) as the tablecloth and pillows to use on the chairs.

Rentals (Table, Chairs, and Marble Chargers) Provided by: Orlando Wedding & Party Rentals

Practical Decor

To create the centerpiece, Rachael used food elements throughout the center of the table. She suggests playing with different levels to bring your look to life. For our Thanksgiving table setting, our professional planner perfectly planned an appetizer that would also double as our table decor. Grapes served as the “table runner”, and were decoratively scattered throughout the tablescape. She added in fruits, cheeses, nuts, chocolates, and crackers that were all in the same fall color family-giving the table an incredibly festive and beautiful look. She shares with us (as you can see in the live video) that this decor is meant to be eaten by guests as the appetizer, with each new course taking center stage as decor. Need a few ideas for fancy appetizers to add some pretty to your table? Take a look at some tasty ideas from Martha Stewart!



Sample Holiday Table Settings

Setting the Table

When creating Holiday Table Settings, you need to consider place settings. Since we’re all about going for an elegant, put together look, it is important that you put thought into your dishware. Sheena from Dishie Rentals specializes in mismatched dishware. To achieve her signature look, Sheena suggests borrowing China from friends and family-which will not only give your setting that perfectly imperfect look, but will also help celebrate the diversity between your friends and family. I know for me-I don’t have ANY China pieces, and do not know of any friends who do, so your next option is to go straight to the source! Dishie Rentals offers a variety of collections just for the Holidays! Check them out HERE! Bonus-you don’t have to wash the dishes, they take care of that for you! Worth. Every. Penny! Sheena finished the look with amber glassware and the most amazing copper flatware you will ever see! Be sure to check out her Thanksgiving Tablescape Collections, which will set you up with everything you need for the perfect table setting!

Get all of your dishware rentals from Dishie Rentals

Mismatched China Table Settng

Personal Touch

We all know that when you see a beautiful table, it’s the small details that make us the most excited. Cedar from Paper Goat Post came in to provide us with the final touches that made our table complete. On each plate, she placed a name card attached to….wait for it…..bread. It was unique, beautiful, and simple! She cut a loaf of french bread into generous portions, wrapped them in parchment paper, and tied them (along with a place card) in twine! How perfect is that?! As you can see from the pictures, it was a gorgeous touch! She also created a menu and then gave one final tip: Make sure to present your host with a Thank You gift. Need an idea for a gift? Check out the store at Paper Goat Post-which is filled with beautiful gift ideas for all occasions. They can also take care of your paper needs (you know- “Paper” Goat Post).

For Stationary, Party Decor, and Gifts visit Paper Goat Post

Take Pictures

Make sure to take pictures of your finished product as well as pictures of everyone enjoying your event! Consider setting up or renting a backdrop to make a photobooth type setting for fun pictures-makes a great yearly tradition! We love the hedge walls from Orlando Wedding and Party Rentals. We hope our tips and pictures provide you with tons of inspiration for your own Holiday Table Settings! Be sure to watch the video-it will give you additional tips and info from each of our vendors!

Photography by Jamie Reinhart Photography

Enjoy Yourself!

Remember-the Holidays are supposed to be fun for the host too! Everything we are showing you today can be outsourced or rented-including the photography! Consider contacting any (or all) of these vendors to take care of your holiday needs!


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