Bachelorette Weekend Essentials!

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Bachelorette Weekend Essentials

Hey party people!


I don’t know about you but here at Jamie Reinhart Photography we have getaways on our mind!
I think we can all agree the best kind of getaway is one with your girls! So today we came up with
some fun products that are essential for any Bachelorette Weekend getaway! Speaking of
your girls, Bachelorette Weekends are the perfect time to give your girls the thoughtful
gifts you’ve bought for each of them. If you’re still looking for gift ideas,
never fear, check out our Bridesmaid Gift Ideas for some help!


First we have a super cute light blue tumbler that says “I am very busy!” Which is super sassy
and we LOVE IT! Second we have a beautiful light pink and floral water bottle! Both items
are perfect for those yummy weekend away drinks! *wink wink* If you need some
drink recipes check out our Signature Cocktails blog for some inspiration!

If any of these Bachelorette Weekend Essentials speak to you like they spoke to us,
feel free to click their photo! Clicking will take you directly to their page that’s
loaded with all the information about the product!


Next we found a product that is great to add to any Bridesmaid Gift!
(Much like the Hipster Bag we showed in our Bridesmaids Gift Blog!)
Below is a Hair Emergency Kit that includes two types of mini clips,
bobby pins, and two types of ponytail holders. The kit comes with its
own little pouch making it super easy to pack!

It wouldn’t be a proper Bachelorette Weekend without some
matching items for you and all your girls! Below to start are two items that
can go with anything, white personalized sandals and a Bride Squad shirt.
Next is a personalized keychain flask! Yes, you read that right, a keychain flask!

Last we have a few products to help make your “day after” recovery a little easier!
From left to right we have a body scrub to leave your skin soft, lip balm to soothe
your lips and dry shampoo to help easily breathe new life into your hair!

And to round it all out we found the PERFECT overnight bag that would be
give all these lovely products a nice safe home! đŸ˜‰ We at JRP believe everyone
should have a great overnight bag!

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