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Engaging with your ideal clients on Instagram is one of the most important pieces to the puzzle when it comes to using Instagram to market your wedding business. We need to engage with our IG community on a DAILY basis in order to make the most of our marketing attempts. When it comes to interacting with potential clients we are always told to “be authentic”, and to avoid trying to sell too hard. Being authentic on social media is always recommended, but what exactly does that look like when it comes to engaging? Here are a few pointers that will help you be your true authentic self when it comes to commenting and responding on Instagram! 


This is probably the top way you can engage on Instagram. When you are searching for ideal clients on Instagram, take a second to scroll through their posts to try to find something you may relate to. Maybe they were shopping at one of your favorite boutiques, or maybe they were at a restaurant that you have been wanting to try. Perhaps you find that the two of you share a love of horses or 80’s cover bands. Finding something that links the two of you together will start an automatic connection that will allow you to be your authentic self when engaging with them! 

Real World Scenario: I come across a profile where the person clearly just got engaged. I am a wedding photographer, so they could be ideal client material. I don’t want to comment “Congratulations” because it is too generic, it’s what everyone else is going to do, and it is not going to do anything to establish a connection. Instead I am going to search their profile to see if we have anything in common. I notice a picture at Epcot, which is one of my favorite places, so I am going to comment on THAT, letting them know that 1) I exist, and 2) We have something in common. 


Let’s take the above scenario and go a bit deeper. 

Our goal is to make a big connection with one little comment. This means that our comments need to be on point. I could simply comment “I love Epcot, it’s one of my favorite places!” OR, I can comment with “I love Epcot, it’s one of my favorite places! Have you tried the truffle at food and wine yet? It’s amazing!! or you can opt for an open ended question, which will give more of a chance for a little back and forth conversation between the two of you! This is the beauty of finding profiles that you truly have a connection with. You do not need to have a canned comment such as “Gorgeous Picture”. 

What we’ve done so far: We let them know we exist, and we’ve worked to build a relationship without having to sell ourselves at all. 


Let them be the expert! You may be able to help them with their family portrait session or their home decor, but scope out their feed and find out what THEIR strengths are! Maybe they are amazing at doing their makeup, so ask them where they learned to do it! Perhaps they have really cute outfits, so ask them where they shop. 


Be an active participant when it comes to engaging with a potential client’s Instagram stories. Answer every question and poll. Responses to stories are a great way to get to their DM, which is where you will need to be for when it is time to reach out to talk more about your services. 


Make sure you are engaging with those who are already a part of your community, whether they are an ideal client or not! Take time to interact with those who are liking your pictures, commenting on your posts, and viewing your stories! You never know when a follower will turn into the perfect client! To learn more about my Instagram Coaching Services, contact me at jamie@jamiereinhartphotography.com