5 Unique Wedding Inspirations

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Here are 5 Unique Wedding Inspirations to help give your day a little extra sparkle! Sparkle that will

keep your guests talking for years to come. In a world flush with wedding ideas to customize your day,

finding a way to stand out from the rest has never been easier.

1. Hairpiece

Whether you are brave enough to make your own hairpiece, or find someone crafty enough to make you

one. Having a custom hairpiece is a charming way to think outside the box of traditional veils. Just like

veils and wedding dresses, a unique hairpiece is something special that can be saved and passed down

from generation to generation.

Bohemian Inspired Wedding Hairpiece

Vanessa’s mother made her beautiful hairpiece that fit in perfectly

with their Kraft Azalea Garden Wedding

2. Bouquet Charm

Here in Orlando, Florida we are known for Disney, Universal and, let’s be honest, our outrageous heat

index. Hidden among the rides and heat waves is a little shop called Smallprint Orlando. There you can

have truly special charms made for necklaces, bracelets, even your wedding bouquet.  Such a small way

to make a big impact on your wedding day!

Smallprint Orlando Charm on Flower Bouquet

Catilin’s bouquet charm is imprinted with her grandparents finger prints.


3. First Look

Traditionally the Groom isn’t supposed to see the Bride until the ceremony. It’s considered bad luck for

the soon to be married couple. However, your wedding day can be hectic and sharing a private moment

together in the mist of it all can be worth the risk. As an added bonus, it gives your photographer a

chance to capture some beautiful and sometimes emotional photos. Photos that are special and

unique all on their own.


First Look at Bella Collina Events

Alison and Sean chose to have a first look

during their Bella Collina Events Wedding. 


4. Photo Booth Backdrop

Silly hats, mustache cut outs and fluffy scarfs are all ingredients for a great photo booth set up during

your reception. Taking your photo booth up a notch is easy with a custom backdrop. Chalk Shop Events

happens to do just that, making beautiful chalk accents and backdrops for your wedding. They are

the key to putting your photo booth over the top.

Photo Booth Chalk backdrop for Wedding Reception

Chalk Shop Events knocked it out of the park

with this truly amazing chalk back drop! 

5. Who Takes the Cake?

Honeymoon Funds are a great way to generate some extra cash for your romantic getaway.

Playing Who Takes the Cake is a fun way to bring something different to your wedding.

With two jars, one for the Groom and one for the Bride, guests add money to the jar of

their choice. The winner with the most money gets caked!

Chalkboard Sign Who Takes The Cake

Photo credit: theo-graphics

I hope these 5 Unique Wedding Inspirations have inspired you

to think outside the box on your wedding day!


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