5 Reasons to have a Micro Wedding!

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Last week on the blog we discussed a few Wedding Trends of 2019. One of the trends we talked about was having a micro wedding, more commonly known as an Intimate Wedding. If you’re not sure what a micro wedding is and why it’s becoming such a popular trend, you’ve come to the right place. A micro wedding is a wedding with a guest list of 20ish of your closest friends and family. Sounds nice right? We sure think so!

Here’s 5 Reasons to have a Micro Wedding! 

Reason #1
Your Budget! 

Wedding invitation suite

By trimming down your wedding guest list to those that are exclusive family and friends, you are able to save money, allowing you to potentially splurge on certain aspects of your wedding that are important to you and your partner. Maybe you would like to treat your guests to a more extravagant menu option that would not be possible with a larger guest list, or maybe you want to use the money you save to beef up your honeymoon fund. Maybe have been eyeing up an insanely gorgeous wedding dress that is a little on the pricier side. (Click HERE to read our Tips for Picking Out Your Wedding Dress!) Perhaps you want to take your favorite photographer (ahem…slowly raises hand) and your parents to a remote destination for your wedding. With a micro wedding you have much more flexibility on where and how you can spend your wedding budget!

Reason #2
Intimate Feel

Howey Mansion Dinner Party Tablescape

A small group gives you the opportunity for a cozy dinner party feel. With fewer guest at your wedding, you give yourself the opportunity to better connect with each of them, which is something that is extremely hard for the bride and groom to do when the guest count is larger. We had 80 guests at our wedding, which I consider to be on the smaller side and it was still difficult to really spend time with everyone who came to celebrate with us. Limiting the guest count gives you the ability to make lasting memories with each guest, rather than worry you didn’t get to speak to everyone. Click HERE for inspiration from Sarah & Rick’s Intimate Howey Mansion Wedding!

Reason #3
Less Pressure

Boho chic bridal pose at Kraft Azalea Garden

Every wedding, big or small, comes with its own set of pressures for the Bride and Groom. However, by choosing to only have your closest friends and family, you can relieve some of that anxiety. This leaves you with a wedding day that’s both beautiful and relaxed. Click HERE to check out Vanessa & Mac’s beautiful outdoor Kraft Azalea Garden Wedding!

Reason #4
More Venue Options

Couple outside Sunny Acres Lodge.

A bigger guest list can often leave you with limited venue options. With fewer guests invited to your wedding, your venue choices become broader. This not only gives you the opportunity to use a more unique location, but takes away some of the stress regarding availability for your wedding. Not to mention, with less guests the venue will be less chaotic on the wedding day, leaving you with more photo opportunities (and time for photos) than you would have if your guest list filled your venue to the brim! Click HERE to see our list of the Best Orlando Wedding Venues!

Reason #5
Destination Wedding

Travel themed invitation suite

Are you someone that’s always wanted a destination wedding? Maybe you live in Florida and have dreamed about a winter wedding up north. Or maybe you’ve dreamed of having a wedding in a different country. With a smaller guest list to tend to, those options suddenly become achievable.

So there you have it, 5 Reasons to have a Micro Wedding. Are you thinking about having a micro wedding? Let us know below in the comments! If you are newly engaged and would like to talk more about our wedding photography collections, head over to my Contact Me page so we can talk more about it! 

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