Winter Park Engagement Session

  • Date: 02, 06
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Our Winter Park engagement session started on a chilly February morning in Winter Park’s Central Park, located on Park Avenue. Winter Park has so many amazing spaces that are perfect for pictures, but the twosome really loved the area around Central Park, and it really does have great variety. The park, which usually gets pretty packed throughout the day, is nice and secluded in the early hours of the morning!

Sarah and Andres-who are one of the sweetest couples you will ever meet-braved the cold like total troopers, and totally pulled off the “I’m not freezing” look in their pictures! The two of them have a naturally fun and sweet rapport with each other, so it was quite easy to play that up throughout their session. Sarah and Andres brought along two outfits for their session, which I always recommend. The first was a casual look where they added a pop of color (another thing I love!). For this outfit we had a little freedom to do poses where they were sitting on the ground, and of course, a piggy back ride! Things you just can’t do in a dress! They changed into a more formal look, and we set up in front of the huge tree for the remainder of the shots-still really playing on their fun personalities. Their adorable dog even showed up for a few pictures!

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