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Being an Orlando Wedding Photographer is quite a challenge. I’m not sure if you have searched around, but there are a gazillion wedding photographers here-and each one of them is insanely talented. I’ll also let you in on a little secret-they are all as sweet, humble, and caring as they are talented-you engaged couples out there have your work cut out for you! When I first started photographing weddings, it was easy to get confused as far as my own style was concerned. I fell in love with the work of many local photographers, many who had completely different styles from the next. It took a while for me to quit looking at what everyone else was doing, or at what styles are popular or trendy, and to start focusing on my own unique style. To do this, I took all of the technical aspects out of it and thought of the pictures I am taking and the relationships I am making with my clients to determine what makes me feel fulfilled as a photographer.


The answer was pretty darn simple.

  •     I’m a hands-on photographer. For sure. I want to get to know you, and I want to get to know every teensy little detail about your wedding. I’m going to smooth your stray hairs, fluff out             your dress, and I’m going to tuck that little hangy strap thing back into your dress. Seriously-when you meet me, a great rule of thumb is to ask yourself this: “Is this the girl that I want to         wipe lipstick off of my tooth?”.
  •     I want your pictures to be pretty, romantic, and fun. That’s it. If I look at your picture and it looks pretty, feels romantic, or it shows that you are having fun, then I’m a happy camper.

One way I like to achieve pretty, romantic, and fun pictures is to create movement in my pictures. One specific way is to do what I like to call “The Walk”. Everyone does it, it’s nothing new, but 9 out of 10 times, I make my couples take a little walk. What I’ve noticed over time is that no two walks are the same. Everyone receives the same instructions, and though the results always vary, one thing stays true-at some point on your little walk, you show me a little piece of your “couple personality”. <3

Here are just a few of my favorite shots of “The Walk”: Some pretty, some romantic, and some are just plain fun!

*If you would like to find out if I’m the girl you want to wipe lipstick off your teeth on your wedding day (and of course, take your wedding photos), email me at jamie@jamiereinhartphotography.com for a consultation!*

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