Mount Dora Engagement Session

  • Date: 28, 09
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I am soooo incredibly in love with this couple and this sweet Mount Dora engagement session!

Earlier this year I visited Mount Dora for their Blueberry Festival, and even though they had run out of blueberry beer (I forgive you, Mount Dora), I instantly fell in love with the town. I wanted to go into every shop and eat at every little restaurant the town had to offer! It is definitely a place I would go back to again and again-so when Alicia told me this is where they would like to do their engagement session, you know I was excited for it!

Derrick and Alicia started our Mount Dora engagement session in perfectly coordinating pastel outfits, which went perfectly with the soft background at City Hall. Their City Hall area is absolutely gorgeous, so we did spend a lot of time photographing there! We then took a short drive to the lake and hung out there for a while! Derrick and Alicia are just so darn natural together. Their expressions in every picture were just perfect! I know I say this often, but they really made my job easy. After the lake they did an outfit swap and changed into something a little more casual, and we walked along the streets of Mount Dora, looking for any little photographic area we could find-and I’ll tell you that the options were endless! We finished our session under market lighting that lined the side streets of the town-it was beautiful there!

If this is their engagement session, I can’t wait to see what is in store for us on their wedding day! We will be heading to Sarasota for a beautiful beach ceremony!
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  • Alicia Garry says: November 12, 2016

    :) Thank you Jamie! You’re the best! We had a blast! Looking forward to the ceremony picture!

    • admin says: November 16, 2016

      I’m looking forward to it too, it will be here before you know it! <3

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