Katie and Paul’s Elegant Wedding at Tuscawilla Country Club

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When Katie and I had our first consultation, she told me that she wanted a fun yet simple and elegant wedding.  Tuscawilla Country Club, located in Winter Springs, perfectly pulled off Katie and Paul’s vision. They started with their ceremony and mass at St. Ann’s Church and then took a limo to their reception site. Once they arrived, the couple stopped in to take a peek at the freshly decorated reception room. They used crisp white linens sprinkled with a touch of sparkle. On top was a simple lantern filled with white candles and eggplant colored flower petals. Each table had a card with a unique name on it, for example “Love”, “Respect”, and “Honesty” just to name a few. As their guests exited cocktail hour, they picked up a cookie cake favor that had a tag with their table name on it. After a few dances, speeches, and dinner-their guests stayed entertained by the photobooth provided by Shots n Props and then danced the night away as the wonderful DJ Penny Taylor kept all of their favorite songs on-hand!



Tuscawilla Country Club

Dorianna’s Salon and Day Spa

St. Ann’s Church

DJ Penny Taylor-DJ Girl

Flowers by Lesley

Shots n Props Photobooth

Custom Gourmet Goodies by Kate

Jamie Reinhart Photography

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  • Grammy says: April 7, 2016

    The pictures are stunning and a reminder of what a beautiful and special day this was. I am so happy that I was able to be a part of it and so happy to have a new granddaughter in law join our family! Love you, PJ and Katie <3 <3

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