5 Wedding Day Mistakes to Avoid

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Let’s just start by saying that Wedding Planning can be a difficult task, right?! If you are a bride (or groom)-to-be who is in the middle of planning your wedding, the thought of making wedding day mistakes may have entered your mind a time or two. Having made a few wedding day mistakes myself, I thought I would share with you a few of my own personal wedding no-no’s  as well as tips to help you avoid making the same mistakes as I did!

I have been married for almost 5 years to my wonderful husband and second shooter, Wes. If you were to ask me to describe my Wedding Day, “Perfect” is pretty much what came to mind. Everyone showed up, everything was beautiful-we ate, we drank, we danced, and at the end of the day we were “The Reinharts”. It wasn’t until recently (recently as in-when I was thinking of what to write for this week’s blog post) that I started to really think of things I may have done differently. Sooo, to help you all out, I put together my top 5 wedding day mistakes to avoid, and even better-am giving you tips on how to avoid making these mistakes AND a lists of vendors who can make all kinds of wedding goodness happen for you!

5 Wedding Day Mistakes to Avoid

5 Mistakes to Avoid on your Wedding Day | Florida Photographer | Florida Wedding Photographer

Wedding Day Mistake #1: Not Hiring a Month-of Coordinator

When you first get engaged you have all of your excited wedding vibes going on-you probably got yourself a few wedding magazines and a cute planner and started ticking off fun little to-do items from your list. This is the good stuff-finding the venue, rallying up your wedding party, and heading out to find the perfect dress. Allll the stuff wedding dreams are made of. But for me, it wasn’t the initial planning that got me down, it was the nitty gritty planning-that last month of actually organizing and putting into action all of the plans that I worked towards that just wasn’t my cup of tea. The last month of wedding planning was just a long list of tiny details that I just didn’t want any part of. To be 100% honest, I never would have pegged myself as a girl who hired a wedding planner. I wasn’t as into all things wedding as many brides are-or funny enough-as I am now but if I had to do it over again, hiring a full on planner for the whole shebang would be a serious conversation. With that said-a Month of Coordinator would be a must.

Many people (including my past self) think that a day of coordinator just waltzes in on the day of your wedding and magically conducts the your event without a hitch. That’s not the case. At all. A professional planner (take note-hire a professional) starts their work wayyy prior to the day of your wedding to make sure they are completely educated on all of the details of your day.

Long Story Short: The last month of wedding planning kind of sucks. Hire a month-of wedding coordinator!

My faves:

Dandy Details Events
A Beautiful Theme
Pixies and Petals Royal Crest Room Florida Wedding | Florida Wedding Photographer | Orlando Wedding Photographer | Royal Crest Room Wedding | Florida Marriage Florida Beach-Side Winter Wedding


Wedding Day Mistake #2: Not educating myself on how to spend wisely on floral!

Of all of my wedding day mistakes, this is by far the biggest, and I know my florist friends are cringing right now at this tip, but hear me out! I got married right when Pinterest became a thing. I was on there pinning these INSANE bouquets and centerpieces, so when it came time to do the flower consultation you can imagine that Pinterest kind of did me dirty. Whatever I was pinning was just not in my budget. What happened is that as soon as I saw price tags of things I would have loved to have, I immediately went to the other end of the spectrum and pretty much went for basic. Fast-forward 4 years and some change and I would do things completely different, and thanks to little tips I’ve learned from some of my favorite florists along the way! Sarah of Flower Girl Designs-in my mind-is the master of repurposing. I know it sounds simple, but I actually didn’t know that I could plan my ceremony decor with the thought that I can reuse some of it in my reception decor. If I had known this was a thing, I’m totally not kidding, I would have splurged on one of those Pinterest-worthy bouquets and used it as decor for my reception. For my reception I had alternating centerpieces-a non-floral arrangement on half of the tables and then floral on the other half. Had I known anything about repurposing I would have reused the wedding party flowers as my “floral” centerpieces and then would have been able to beef up my ceremony decor by choosing a non-floral arrangement that could double as ceremony decor-something along the lines of large lanterns and candles.

My florists kind of failed me AND themselves, because my budget was never changing-but what we DID with the budget could have taken the wedding decor up a notch-making their work look more desirable (and leaving me with a wonderful experience). I don’t even remember who my florist was.

Long Story Short: Hire a badass florist that will make the most with your budget and who isn’t afraid to get a little creative!

My faves:

Flower Girl Designs
The Flower Studio
A Beautiful Theme (Planner AND florist)
Pixies and Petals (Planner AND florist)

10 Questions to ask your wedding photographer / Orlando Photographer / Florida Photographer / Florida Wedding Photographer / Engagement Advice Florida Beach-Side Winter Wedding5334Casa Feliz Wedding - Jamie Reinhart Photography

Wedding Day Mistake #3: Hiring a cheap DJ

My Dj was a sweet old man from a company that I used-I can’t even remember the name. He did what he could, but at the end of our night my friends literally bought songs off itunes for him to play.We all had fun, but if I had a redo I would throw a little extra moolah towards that DJ budget. What I learned is that a great DJ not only plays the songs on your list, but they also are the ones who keep the reception flowing and energized all night long.

Long Story Short: Hire one of the DJ’s listed below.

My faves:

Subsonic Event DJs
Our DJ Rocks
Fyerfly Productions

Briana and Matt - Lake Mary Events Center Wedding-1152 Briana and Matt - Lake Mary Events Center Wedding-1207 Briana and Matt - Lake Mary Events Center Wedding-1253

Wedding Day Mistake #4: Skipping any personal touches

My husband and I are not particularly sentimental and didn’t choose to add many meaningful items to our day (with one exception), but now that I have experienced my fair share of weddings from a photographer’s perspective, I see how these subtle personal and/or meaningful items can make an event a tad more special. My grandfather was not well at the time of my wedding and he just couldn’t make it. It was sad to not have him there, so if I had a redo I would have had a personal item of his at the wedding. One of my favorite wedding keepsake items is from Smallprint Orlando. She makes keepsake jewelry using actual prints (of people OR pets!). It doesn’t stop there-she can also make jewelry out of your handwriting or even just a print of something that matches the theme of your wedding.

Long Story Short: Personal touches should not be skipped–and make sure your photographer knows about it! 😉

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Intimate Disney Wedding - Shades of GreenOrlando Wedding Photographer - Jamie Reinhart Photography-21


Wedding Day Mistake #5: Not hiring a professional makeup artist

My friend-who was an “aspiring” makeup artist did my makeup. Now I do not mean aspiring in a bad way. She was throwing around the idea of becoming a makeup artist but at the actual time of my wedding she was a friend who knew how to do makeup better than I did. She did a fine job on my makeup as well, but like-we forgot eyeliner and mascara. Since she was a bridesmaid as well there came a point in the day where we were all in a little bit of a hurry at crunch time and  we just decided we would do it later, and of course it never got done. I a in no way upset at my friend about the makeup thing, but if I had hired a professional, there is no way they would have left me out the door without eyeliner and mascara on! I also recently had my makeup done by the amazing Laura Reynolds of Laura Reynolds Artistry for family pictures, and I could really tell the difference between how my face looked on my wedding day and how it looked for our family pictures. I should have went with the pro.

Long Story Short: Hire a professional hair and makeup artist…worth it-to read more on this subject, check out our blog post here!

As long as you stay relaxed and remember that all that matters is that you end the day married to your partner your day will be absolutely perfect! Former brides! What advice do you have for brides-to-be!!


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  • Katie LeCompte says: March 23, 2017

    I would also say make sure you have someone in charge of your stuff for the night/next day after your wedding. I ended up having to sleep in my contacts because I didn’t have my contact stuff or my glasses and I’m blind as a bat without them!

    • admin says: March 23, 2017

      Yes!!! With everything going on that day, the last thing on your mind is your contacts! (Although I sleep in mine every night…I know I shouldn’t!)

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