5 Tips for using Pinterest with your Wedding Photographer

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Pinterest is an amazing tool, especially when you are in the beginning stages of planning a wedding. As a photographer, it is very common that my couples (ok, my brides) have started a wedding board that they are eager to show me. They have tons of sample shots that they would love for me to recreate. The thing about it though, is that it can really be a thorn in a photographer’s side. In fact, many photographers will straight up be a “Hard No” on the Pinterest front, and if you are in love with a photographer who has a no-Pinterest rule-go with it! And trust them. If you love their work, you are going to love the pictures they take for you-let them do their thing.

As for me, I embrace the Pinterest. Seriously-being a wedding photographer gives me the green light to pin pretty wedding pins until my heart is content, so I get it. Over time (and tears), I have learned that there need to be “Pinterest rules” so that the pressure does not lie on me to recreate the work of other photographers (ahem…copy), and so that my couple has realistic expectations for their wedding photography. Here are my top 5 tips on using Pinterest with your wedding photographer!


5 Tips for using Pinterest with your Wedding Photographer

1. Use the board to keep communication flowing.

After the initial consultation and the engagement session is over, there can be months and months of time where a photographer and their client do not need anything from each other. Having a shared Pinterest board (I always have them set to secret) helps keep a form of communication flowing through the down times of the wedding cycle!

2. Use the board as inspiration. 

Your pins are a great resource for a photographer (note: for a photographer who goes along with checking out your board). For me, it helps me see what kind of decor you like, what style of pictures you like, what poses you like, and the list goes on. Right now, I have a bride who has a ton of pins of bridal party shots-and all of them lean on the side of being fun shots. This lets me know that the bridal party pictures are important to her, and that she wants some cute, fun, and creative shots. I also have a bride who only has detail shots on her board so far. Obviously, I know to focus on her details the day of the wedding!

3. Know that the boards are JUST for inspiration. 

Yes, there will be shots or poses from your board that we can “recreate”. You want a picture of your mom kissing you on the cheek? Done. However, it’s important to have a board full of images or ideas you like, not images you MUST HAVE. You want your photographer to see your vision, and using pictures is a great way to do this. What you do not want is your photographer (who is a creative, an artist) to be put in a box and feel that they do not have creative freedom to take unique images. You want to let your pictures happen organically-even the posed shots. Additionally, Pinterest pictures are ridiculously hard to recreate! Seriously-during one of my first ever engagement sessions, my bride-to-be showed me a pin of scrabble letters with the word “love” spelled out, with her ring being the O. I swear we spent 30 minutes on this picture that seemed easy enough, but my girl’s teensy hand made it near impossible to recreate this picture. I know better now, but at the time, the struggle was incredibly real! Other than the case of the teensy hand, things like venue, decor, the wedding dress/hairstyles, and the lighting on your particular day play a huge part in what your final product will look like. Even poses look different from couple to couple!


Pinterest Inspired


4. Let your photographer know that you understand that you understand the board is just for inspiration and ideas. 

If you have a board you would like your photographer to see, let them know upfront that you just want to show them the kind of things you like. Let them know that you do not expect them to recreate the shots (and mean it). Also let them know that you trust their creative juices (ok, you can reword that) and that they are free to do whatever is best on the day-of. This will give them the freedom to make the best pictures possible, all while getting a sneak peek at what you like.

5. On your wedding day (and beyond), forget the Pinterest board exists. 

Wipe it clean from your mind, delete it, do what you have to do. Do NOT worry about, think about, or oh my goodness-LOOK AT your board! It was a fun tool throughout the process, but now it is go-time. Your wedding day will have romantic moments, sentimental moments, laughter, tears-you get the picture! You want you and your photographer to be zoned in on what is happening around you. You want your photographer to capture real hugs, sweet kisses, and the natural snuggling that will happen, and not wasting time arranging scrabble letters on a hand or some shenanigans like that!! Your photographer will be looking for creative, unique, beautiful places to shoot, and will put you in the best light and at your best angle. And everything will be PERFECT!


Image taken at Kraft Azalea Garden by Jamie Reinhart Photography

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