5 Things Couples can do to have a Pinterest Worthy Wedding

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Today I am super excited to give you the inside scope on planning a fabulous wedding with the help of Ashley from A Beautiful Theme. Ashley has an unmatched passion for over the top weddings. She helps couples plan and design the most spectacular of events by adding custom and personalized touches that make each event one-of-a-kind! Ashley is a puppy-lovin’, starbucks sippin’, pink and sparkly kind of gal who I always have just the best time working with. Stephen, Ashley’s husband and high-school sweetheart, has a background in Landscaping and Horticulture and after selling his Landscaping business he now works with Ashley to create the most jaw-dropping floral arrangements and set designs. The couple is truly the perfect pair!

Every bride wants her day to be picture perfect. I know I can be caught spending hours lusting over anything wedding on Pinterest, and I am sure I am not alone! In order to help make sure that your big day is everything you dreamed of (and more!) we are bring you the

5 Things Couples can do to have a Pinterest Worthy Wedding

Pinterest Worthy Wedding | Wedding Design | Wedding Tips

Choose a cohesive theme and stick to it!

Our business name A Beautiful THEME was born because we love planning, designing and decorating weddings with a cohesive theme throughout. Most of the weddings you see on Pinterest are attractive because there are so many beautiful images of coordinating flowers, linens, bridesmaid dresses and décor.

We love a good theme party such as “Great Gatsby” or “Winter Wonderland” but those have been done over and over again. Think of something unique to your love story, favorite book, brand (hello #KateSpadeWedding) or favorite color such as  “Pink Romance.” You can achieve the atmosphere and ambiance you have always dreamed about by narrowing down a style or theme. From there your Wedding Planner and vendor team can understand the “theme” and create your ultimate dream wedding.

5 Things Couples can do to have a Pinterest Worthy Wedding

Beautiful Flowers that enhance your theme!

This is one area not to skimp on if you want a Pinterest worthy wedding. Flowers are probably the most important aspect when making your wedding beautiful. They add elegance, beauty, and allow for gorgeous photo opportunities. Flowers can make your wedding truly one-of-a-kind.  The bridal bouquet is usually where the inspiration for the entire wedding Florals start.  You have probably been searching Pinterest to find the perfect inspiration, but then you can add your own twist to match your theme.

Having a beautiful wedding ceremony is where it all starts! If you get married under an arch filled with lush flowers, dripping crystals and a chandelier your guests will be in awe and soon other brides will see it on Pinterest trying to recreate it. The reception is where the new couple and guests will spend most of their time so you want to allocate the floral budget to make this area shine. The tablescapes will be beautiful especially when the flowers have unique vases and candelabras with different heights to add depth and dimension. This is a fun place to add in bling if your theme is “Classic Elegance” or old wooden planters filled with succulents if you are having a “Rustic Chic” theme.  The flowers should play a role in every aspect- even on the sweetheart or head table. Read more on that later!

5 Things Couples can do to have a Pinterest Worthy Wedding | Pinterest Worthy Wedding | Wedding Design | Wedding Tips

The Wedding should reflect the couple’s personality!

We love when a bride and groom add in their own personal touches to their wedding day. There are so many creative ways to do this. If the couple is really into fashion, the Groom might gift all his groomsmen designer socks that they wear during the wedding- hello photo opportunity. Or if the couple loves to cook they could hand out little recipe cards with their new family recipe or have a certain ingredient such as olive oil or herbs throughout the entire food course. If the bride loves to bake, they could have personalized cookies as favors. However some couples are choosing to not put money towards favors, and there are many other ways to incorporate your own personal elements.

The couple could name their tables after different trails that they have hiked, or if the couple loves Disneyworld each table could be named after a different Disney movie or character. Another personal element that we love is when the bride wears a personal memento whether it’s a piece of her grandfathers military jacket stitched to the inside of her dress, wears her grandmothers’ pearls or has a metal paw print charm hand tied to her bouquet of her favorite 4 legged pup that couldn’t be present at the ceremony.

5 Things Couples can do to have a Pinterest Worthy Wedding

Custom Backdrops make great Photo Opportunities!

I don’t know it if was Kim Kardashian’s flower wall that started it all, but backdrops are all the rage right now. They are most definitely Pinterest worthy. There are many different kinds of backdrops such as large flower walls, hedge walls, barn doors decorated with mismatched mirrors, or a pallet wall draped with floral garlands. We can even create a canvas backdrop with a custom monogram. These can be used for a variety of things and even reused in different locations throughout the wedding.

The backdrop can be used in the ceremony, and then relocated for the guests to take photos at cocktail hour- add in some personalized props and the guests will love it. Backdrops are not just for your guests to enjoy, it should be for the bride and groom too, you can then reuse it behind the head table. A large part of any wedding is getting your picture taken so you want to make sure they turn out beautiful! When your besties are giving their toasts or you and your new hubby are sharing a sweet kiss at your sweetheart table, there should be a beautiful backdrop instead of large exit signs, tent poles, or electrical outlets. The traditional photo booths are so 2014, now guests can use their own phones or the wide lens photo booths and have beautiful photos with a gorgeous background. When guests leave at the end of the night you want them to think that was the best wedding they have ever been too. Walking away with photos that instantly remind them of being at your wedding and how beautiful and fun it was it a great way to achieve that. We love creating a custom backdrop for these special moments.

5 Things Couples can do to have a Pinterest Worthy Wedding | Pinterest Worthy Wedding | Wedding Design | Wedding Tips

Pets should be Included!

For a long time, pets were an absolute no no at weddings. However in the 21st century many couples treat their pets as part of the family and how could they possibly leave them out? We LOVE when a couple wants to incorporate their pets into their wedding-it adds a personal touch. So many couples take engagement photos with their 4-legged family members, and that tradition continues even to the ceremony. How cute would your dog look wearing a little tuxedo while walking the ring down the aisle? They don’t have to be the ring bearer either! Your dog or cat could wear a matching flower crown and prance down the aisle with a bedazzled leash- sounds like a Pinterest dream wedding to me! One couple even had their bridesmaids carry puppies down the aisle instead of bouquets. Now I would be too afraid the puppies might pee all over the beautiful bridesmaid dresses, plus flowers are a must so maybe they could just pose for pictures with the bride and groom?

5 Things Couples can do to have a Pinterest Worthy Wedding | Pinterest Worthy Wedding | Wedding Design | Wedding Tips

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Photographer: Jamie Reinhart Photography | Design, Florals, and Planning: A Beautiful Theme

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