4 Things Your Wedding Photographer Secretly Wishes You Did

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I have been lucky enough to shoot some of the most gorgeous weddings during my time as a photographer. And as grateful as I am for that, I have always had a sort of “wish list” that I am dying to capture during a wedding. I am sure many photographers have these secret wishes and when that ideal client comes along and shares their vision for their big day – it gets so exciting! I can’t wait to share with you the 4 Things Your Wedding Photographer Secretly Wishes You Did, who knows maybe it will convince you to add these elements to your wedding day!

4 Things Your Wedding Photographer Secretly Wishes You Did

4 Things Your Wedding Photographer Secretly Wishes You Did

A Unique Exit

The moment that you and your new spouse come out of the ceremony space (or later after the reception), you want it to be grand. After all it is one of your first moments as a married couple. Try something besides sparklers and bubbles. Now is the time to be creative! This moment will be looked back on for years and years to come. Make it stand out even more by venturing out and trying something uniquely different. Your special moment shouldn’t look the same as a hundred other people’s. Incorporate rainbow sprinkles or ribbon wands- something that goes along with the theme of the wedding. TheKnot.com has some awesome ideas here.

Rental Pieces

Find a stand out piece that works with the theme of the wedding. Don’t be afraid to incorporate a pretty settee, a boho van, vintage bike or some sort of stylish prop to take pictures with. Not only will it help create fun photos, but the guests will love it too! Here are two awesome places that you can begin (and end) your search for a unique piece: RW Events and The Runway Collection by Runway Events.

Portrait Backdrop

Create space for a beautiful backdrop for guests to take photos against. This is also useful for taking family formals and portraits. Plus, it’s super easy- the rental piece above can be combined into the backdrop allowing for an easy setup! The backdrop could also be used as a backdrop for the cake or sweetheart table. Some suggestions for a stunning backdrop could be flower walls, unique signs with sayings, etc. In case you want to drool over some floral walls with me, check out bride.com’s ideas here! And then when you are ready to implement your ideas, head over to the Orlando Wedding and Party Rentals 2017 brochure here.

Portrait Session

Having a separate portrait session or a bridal portrait session on a day other than the wedding is helpful for finding the best lighting in the venue, using the venue without having to maneuver around guests or the area that is set up. Plus, there is the option of going to a unique location! And we have much less stress and more time to work with – two huge pluses! We can make the most out of the separate day to capture great pictures and even be a little daring because we don’t have to worry about messing up hair and makeup for the wedding later on.  Style Me Pretty has all sort of inspiration here!

If you are planning any of these ideas for you big day, I would love to chat! Feel free to contact me here.

4 Things Your Wedding Photographer Secretly Wishes You Did

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