10 Tips to Make the Most of your Wedding Day

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10 Tips to Make the Most of your Wedding Day

10 Tips to make the most of your wedding day / Orlando Photographer / Florida Photographer / Florida Wedding Photographer / Engagement Advice

After months (or years) of planning, the big day has finally arrived! Use the 10 tips to make the most of your wedding day below to ensure that you have the best day ever!

  1. Wake up refreshed. Make sure that you get to bed at a good time the night before. I strongly discourage having a bachelorette party the night before your wedding – no bride wants to spend the day feeling groggy and hungover. The best time to have these celebrations are about a week before the wedding. That way you can get a good nights sleep and wake up ready to experience the day!
  2. Eat breakfast! Too many brides get caught up in the day and simply forget to eat. No one wants to see a bride faint from hunger so make sure you eat a well balanced breakfast that can carry you through the day.
  3. Plan your getting ready attire. You will want to wear something that can easily be taken off- so not mess up your perfectly crafted hairstyle! Also, if you are wearing a strapless or backless dress- it is best to skip wearing a bra while getting ready. I know this sounds strange, but bra straps leave indents in your skin which you don’t want to hang around while we are taking pictures of you getting into your dress.
  4. New wedding shoes? Break them in! Make sure that if you bought new shoes for your big day, you break them in ahead of time. You can do this by wearing them around the house (on carpet) to keep them looking brand new and still be able to practice walking in them. And make sure if you plan to wear heals, that you pack some flats for the reception in case your feet get sore.
  5. Hire a wedding coordinator, if possible. A wedding coordinator will help manage and run the day, something that a bride should not have to do. They will help manage the vendors and answer all the questions (Where should these flowers go? Can the band start playing now? Where are we on time? You get the idea…) If your budget can’t afford a full wedding planner, most planners will offer day or week of packages so make sure to ask before throwing the idea out the window.
  6. Create a wedding day survival kit. Having certain necessities with you can help for-go catastrophes and keep your mind at ease. Great things to include in these bags are: a small sewing kit, tampons, a Tide To Go stain remover pen, Advil, and lipstick for touch-ups. Give this kit to one of your bridesmaids to take care of for the day.
  7. Stop to take it all in during the ceremony. Ask your officiant to include a “deep breath” moment so that you and your spouse can look over the audience, take a deep breath and burn this memory into your brain.
  8. Make a five-minute dinner date. With some many guests around, it might be hard for the bride and groom to find time to enjoy a full meal. Make sure to try and grab five minutes for you and your new spouse to at least enjoy some food. If you let your bridesmaids/groomsmen in on this plan, then they can help be the buffer to all the guests clamoring for your attention. Trust me, your guests won’t even notice!
  9. Give a Thank You speech with your spouse. Most often, a wedding is a huge task. Make sure to thank the people who helped make it possible as well as thank your guests: going to a wedding can get expensive! If your guests made the effort to be their for you, make sure to let them know you appreciate it.
  10. Remember why you are here. Above all, remember that you are here to marry the love of your life. Twenty years from now, you won’t remember the small snag in your bridesmaids hem or that your schedule was off by ten minutes. You will remember the way that you laughed and danced around the room with your closest friends, the way your spouse smiled when you walked down the aisle, and how you it felt to finally get married! Together we will capture those moments, and you will be remembering this story for the rest of your life.

Have another tip you want to share with fellow brides? Make sure to let me know in the comments below!

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